Business Consulting
In today’s turbulent global market, companies are under immense pressure to gain and retain a competitive advantage.
In this busy and high pressure environment it can sometimes be hard to stay on top of everything and make sure you are running your business the best way possible. That’s where we can help. As an external resource, we help to fill the gaps to ensure your company’s long-term success.
We specialize in

  • Strategic thinking, strategic foresight, environmental scanning, scenario planning and implementation.
  • Designing organisational structures for sustainable long-term success and effectiveness.
  • Organisational cultural transformation and change processes.
  • Creating resilient safety cultures.
  • Neuroleadership.
  • Global entrepreneurship.
  • Developing empowered and high performance teams.
  • Stimulating innovative working environments.

Business Consulting
With the intense pressure leaders face today, it can be hard to stay on top of everything and ensure all aspects of the business are run the best way possible. As an external resource, we can add immense value in these three crucial areas:


In the past organisations could succeed by simply having an action plan and sticking to it. In today’s incredibly volatile and competitive global market, having a strategic plan is insufficient.


Strategic foresight is now required to navigate through an ever-changing economic landscape. We can assist you to redefine your game plan so that you rise to meet these unpredictable times.


We are passionate about developing exceptional leaders. Leaders set the tone for what is important. How they behave, what they say, and what they value drive culture.


Leaders determine the vision. This provides direction and purpose which, in turn, orientate the kinds of decisions people make. When it comes to having a high-performance culture, competent inspiring leadership is non-negotiable.


We define culture as the “invisible forces that drive the way things are done around here.” By recognising these forces, you can intentionally fashion the culture you want.


We relish working with leaders to shape dynamic environments where team members feel empowered and respected. When people are enthusiastic about their work, the bi-product of such infectious energy is better bottom line results.

“Strategy is not the consequence of planning, but the opposite: it is the starting point.”

Henry Mintzberg

Training & Seminars
People are fundamental to the success of any organisation. It is essential to continuously develop their capacity through training. Training improves quality and productivity, reduces turnover, increases job satisfaction and reduces the need for employee supervision.


Our workshops are based on the latest best practices and proven strategies. These courses challenge unhelpful attitudes and beliefs, will inspire you to new levels of thinking and functioning and will move you to action.


Because we understand the neuroscience behind learning, our workshops are very stimulating and engaging. We merge experiential learning, self-evaluation and life-skills training into one comprehensive approach to take your staff to a higher level of relating and functioning.


Through this seminar you will learn:

– The positive effect of good leadership on people’s motivation and performance levels.

– How to foster pride and generate enthusiasm that will transform your organisation into a fun, creative, dynamic and energetic environment.

– How to build an atmosphere of trust, empowerment and productivity.

– How to boost self-directed action.

– How to consistently keep morale high.

– How to construct a ‘good to great’ organisation.

– How to address substandard work and implement incentives that actually motivate staff.


Through this seminar you will learn:

– What really drives human behaviour and how to influence it.

– The limitations of the brain and its impact on performance.

– The three main functions of the brain and how to use them to your benefit.

– The role of the reticular activating system in assisting you on your road to success.

– How to focus your conscious mind on the outcomes you want.

– The dynamics of the subconscious and how to develop powerful habits.

– How to reframe negative beliefs and events to achieve your goals.

– The basics of neuroplasticity and how to take control of your life.


Through this seminar you will learn:

– How to develop exemplary leadership skills.

– The 16 competencies of extraordinary leaders.

– Your personal leadership strengths and weaknesses.

– How your leadership styles affect productivity and the necessity of adapting your style to different situational requirements.

– The vital interpersonal skills needed to be a more valuable leader.


Through this seminar you will learn:

– The factors driving globalisation.

– Preparing to function on a global scale.

– How to find your strategic advantage in the global marketplace.

– The required competencies of global leaders.

– How culture impacts the dynamics of an organisation.

– How to lead the emerging ‘Gen Y’ knowledge worker.

– How to develop multi-cultural intelligence.


Through this seminar you will learn:
– How to initiate creative new ways to approach work and successfully solve problems.
– How to develop effective strategic planning initiatives.
– How to confidently implement and lead people through a change process.
– The indispensable qualities and behaviours of exemplary leaders.
– How to establish and mobilise high performing teams.
– How to keep your team motivated.
– How to coach personal competence.


Through this seminar you will learn:
– How to unleash your people’s potential.
– How to promote a genuine care and support system for other team members.
– How to create a sense of team spirit.
– How to strengthen cohesion and stimulate the building of a strong synergistic team.
– How to inspire your staff to become more galvanised as a team.


Through this seminar you will learn:
– The important role of service in a company’s profitability.
– How to create positive first impressions.
– How to build rapport and develop long-term business relationships.
– The secrets of the five ‘Fs’ in service.
– How to identify and exceed customer expectations.
– How to effectively handle and respond to customer problems and complaints.
– How to develop a passionate service-orientated workplace.

“The only thing worse than training your employees and having them leave is not training them and having them stay.”

Henry Ford, Founder, Ford Motor Company

Resilient Safety Culture
Improving one’s safety performance has become a burning issue for many organisations. In spite of the significant investment in time and money many leaders admit that they have reached a plateau. The strategies being employed simply haven’t delivered the results they were hoping for. There is a definite call for a new strategy to safety.


When it comes to creating a resilient safety culture we have a four-pronged approach:

1. Engineering

The reality is we work in risky conditions. Engineering considers everything that can be done to make the working environment as safe as possible. This would typically be the engineering designs, critical hazard controls, availability of safety equipment, maintenance, and housekeeping.

2. Systems and Procedures

This factor refers to all preventative safety measures. These would include regular tool box talks, the quality of work planning, proper risk assessments and hazard identification, communication and reporting systems, safety training and emergency readiness.

3. People

Studies have shown that 90%-95% of all accidents can be attributed to human error. We could expect to see a significant progress in our safety records if our personnel would just be more aware of their surroundings, seeking potential hazards and taking the necessary precautions to reduce or eliminate risks. A safety strategy aimed at strengthening our workers’ commitment and sense of ownership is vital to the process.


But in order for this strategy to move from theory to realisation, we must answer the question, what drives human behaviour? Using neuroscience as a foundation, we help people understand how their attitude (what they believe, think and feel) towards safety is the primary determinant of behaviour. With this insight we provide practical ways on how to get your employees to be ‘switched on’ and take responsibility for safety.

4. Leadership

Leaders play the biggest role in establishing a resilient safety culture. We provide crucial tools to nurture the culture they desire. In addition, we help enlarge their leadership capacity by training them how to lead with the brain in mind. This way they will be far more effective in how they influence their teams and get the outcomes they want in terms of productivity and safety.

“Behaviour based strategies to safety will only take you so far because they don’t answer the fundamental question: What drives human behaviour?

– DR Brett Solomon

Every company is at a different phase in their safety journey. The spectrum ranges from total resistance to unanimous buy-in reflected in a resilient safety culture. Based on proven diagnostic tools, we clarify where your organisation is on the continuum, and formulate a specific strategic roadmap to transition to the next stage of maturity.
Safety Culture Maturity Level

No vision or commitment to developing a safety culture. People see safety as a nuisance and gets in the way of meeting production targets. Leadership is reactive to incidents, and little changes are made from the findings.


A shift has taken place where people see the personal value of safety. While safety is monitored, it isn’t coming from a compliance mindset. Precautionary steps are put in place to avoid incidents.


Workers only take precautionary steps when supervised or forced to. There is no internal motivation for safety. Most safety practices are done to meet the legal requirements and to avoid punitive consequences if something were to go wrong.


Employees are not only concerned about their own safety but for those around them. Safety is managed within a team context. When someone doesn’t comply, the rest of the team are willing to insist that all activities are done safely.


The safety culture isn’t limited to pockets of excellence. It immersed into everything you do. Safety is embraced at all levels and is talked about in a positive manner. Safety is not seen to be in competition with production but working safely is the norm.

Safety is the culture and not a drive from the Safety Department. Anyone entering the premises will be immediately aware of the value of safety.

“Safety is not so much about the absence of risk and hazards, but the presence of people’s commitment and capabilities” – Sidney Dekker

Business Coaching
Unleashing your
Professional Efficacy
No world-class athlete or team competes at that level without a coach.


A business coach facilitates leaders to capitalise on their strengths, assess improvement areas and develop action plans to boost their individual and team’s effectiveness. We offer coaching services to executives, managers and employee teams in the fields of:


  • Leadership.
  • Personal efficacy.
  • Strategic decision-making.
  • Customer service.

“The test of leadership is not to put greatness into humanity, but to draw it out, for the greatness is already there.” James Buchanan

Team Building
Strong productive teams don’t just happen – they are forged


People are your priority. Your success depends on them and their performance. Discover the power of experiential learning to galvanise vision and unlock hidden potential. Our processes fuel trust building, foster stronger working relationships and improve communication within your team.


Our activities are invigorating and fun. They are designed to produce deep insight, lasting change and sustainable transformation. They trigger people to develop the skills and a positive attitude towards life and its many challenges that can be transferred back to the workplace.

Activities Include:
– Low and high ropes.
– Raft building.
– Mental and physical challenges.
– ‘Litteria’ and obstacle course.
– Scenario team building exercises.
– Scenario problem-solving exercises.

“No company, small or large, can win over the long run without energised employees who believe in the mission and understand how to achieve it” – Jack Welch

Motivational Speaking
With the amount of pressure business people face today it is totally understandable that they become drained and lose focus. Motivational workshops are essential to inspire your team to give their best and stay motivated. They are ideal for providing the boost they need, reignite passion, renew strength, gain new perspective and refresh and fuel the soul.


Dr Brett Solomon is a captivating communicator with 25 years’ experience as a public speaker. He has a natural flair that makes him a dynamic and powerful presenter. Brett not only brings extensive knowledge to the table; he offers honest and fresh insight from his own personal experiences. He has a gift to connect with his audiences as he is down to earth, motivational and very relatable.

Brett is an ideal speaker on any topic concerning:
– Unleashing your personal and professional potential.
– Behaviours and attitudes of successful people.
– Life strategies.
– Relational and emotional intelligence.
– Leadership development.
– Strategic planning and organisational design.
– Motivating and empowering others.
– Improving effectiveness and performance.

“Engaging the hearts, minds and hands of talent is the most sustainable source of competitive advantage” – Greg Harris

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